Inside the Mind of Author P.C. Darkcliff

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Rawena is running for her life. Soldiers on her heels, she stumbles into a putrid swamp. Wading in the foul water she becomes ill and covered in pustules. She is in the domain of Pandemia, the goddess of pestilence. In a mix of fear and desperation, Rawena makes a pact with the goddess in exchange for her life. The pact sets her on a path that will alter the course of human history.

downloadCelts and The Mad Goddess is the first book in the Deathless Chronicle series by P.C. Darkcliff. Author Darkcliff studied journalism at Conestoga College and worked as a senior reporter at the Niagara News, Thorold Edition, before heading to Spain to work as a teacher. He was Spillwords Press “Author of the Month” for September 2020 and won an honourable mention for the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award. I was fortunate enough to chat…

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