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I am a multi-award-winning fantasy writer, and I’m happy you’ve come over! Please, read some chapters of Celts and the Mad Goddess, Book 1 of The Deathless Chronicle. You can preorder Book 3, Celts and the Mortal Harvest, by clicking here.

Celts and the Gladiator, chapter one

As she paraded in front of the raucous crowd, Rawena wondered which of her ‘family’ would try to kill her today.

The spectators filled the amphitheater to the awnings, ready to see her fight. Nobles, consuls, and priests sat in the first two rows, wrapped in togas against the cool February air. Behind them, plebeians shouted and placed bets while they watched Rawena and her familia—her fellow gladiators—tread the sand of the arena. Gaunt slaves stood in the back, chatting and enjoying their freedom until the end of the games when they would carry their masters back home in gilded litters.

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Celts and the Mad Goddess, chapter seven

Rawena had felt Arvasia’s tears fall on her face. She had seen her and Garux twitch at the sound coming from the bushes and run from the attackers. She had heard the faint sounds of the skirmish. Then a long silence came, and she stared at the full moon, trying to understand. The moon stared back at her through the branches of an oak tree, offering no answers.

Something rustled by the creek, and Rawena feared that Pandemia would come and snatch her. The rustle ended, and a moment later, numerous footsteps came from the other side of the woods. Her mother rushed into Rawena’s field of view and dropped to her knees, wailing.

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Celts and the Mad Goddess, chapter six

In her panic, Arvasia had gotten lost in the woods while running from Rawena. When she heard the bell, she dashed toward the sound for help.

Rawena had also heard it, though, and she must have guessed Arvasia’s intentions. She had caught and overcome Arvasia near the gate shortly before Garux sneaked out to look for them.

Rawena made her walk back to the creek, grasping her hair and pressing the point of the dagger against her back. Arvasia wondered whether it was the eclipse that made her sister so mad yet so cold-blooded.

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