The Dragon’s Eye, The Magic Circle 2

Foes will unite; allies will clash. The earth will heave in chaos.

Baard Thon has accomplished something that everyone deemed impossible. He has destroyed one of the three Wrathlords who have scourged the realm for centuries. By doing so, Baard has broken a curse. And made terrible enemies.

The insane king is furious at Baard’s hero status. Religious fanatics want to murder Baard for defying a doctrine. And the two remaining Wrathlords are mustering their Corpsentinels to punish the death of their kin.

Baard cannot face the unclean armies without his Wrathblade. But the sword snapped, and none of the realm’s mages or Firelves can mend it.

Then, as the net tightens around him, a mysterious woman suggests a staggering solution.