The Priest of Orpagus

         “A fast-paced fantastic adventure.”

     “P.C. Darkcliff… carries the reader along at a breakneck pace.”

Braze Wilson and Mehpare Eroglu prevent a man from committing suicide. But they should have let him die.

Their deed throws them into the sphere of Ashezma Daeva, the demon of wrath and lust, who traps them in his temple whenever they sleep. They still manage to enjoy their lives, working at a language school during the day, but nights bring fright and uncanny occurrences.

Their dreams are the only thing Braze and Mehpare have in common: he’s an atheistic American while she’s a pious Turk. Their attraction trumps borders and gods—but it’s no match for the demon, whose tentacles drag them toward murder and depravity.

Only a brave and desperate act can win the battle for their souls. Can Braze and Mehpare destroy the demon and his immortal priest? Find out this autumn on Amazon . . .  and remember that some creatures must perish twice.

Darkcliff is obviously a master storyteller, knowing how to keep the reader riveted the whole time,” Jason P. Crawford, blogger and book reviewer.

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Released: March 15, 2019