Meet Author of the Year!

It’s official! I have been voted Author of the Year 2020 at Spillwords, an online magazine that publishes my novel, Celts and the Mad Goddess, by chapters.

The latest chapter of Celts has just been posted there. Please, click here to view it.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Author of the month, P.C. Darkcliff

Many thanks to Sue Marie for the wonderful interview!

Sue Marie St. Lee

This month, I introduce to you P.C. Darkcliff. An award-winning author with three standalone novels, “Deception of the Damned”. “The Priest of Orpagus” and his recent project, “Celts and the Mad Goddess”— the first installment of The Deathless Chronicle. 

Darkcliff has been featured in various publications, and received an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest for “A Poisoned Gift”. I feel honored to have shared a Table of Contents with Darkcliff on two separate occasions. In September 2020, he was Spillwords Author of the Month.

Having lived in six countries and on three continents, Darkcliff admits that that seminomadic lifestyle inspired most of his stories and novels. He and his wife are settled in southern Spain, where he swims and cycles whenever he’s not too busy writing and teaching English.


1. Tell us a little about your latest project. 

This past October…

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Inside the Mind of Author P.C. Darkcliff

Check it out

Rawena is running for her life. Soldiers on her heels, she stumbles into a putrid swamp. Wading in the foul water she becomes ill and covered in pustules. She is in the domain of Pandemia, the goddess of pestilence. In a mix of fear and desperation, Rawena makes a pact with the goddess in exchange for her life. The pact sets her on a path that will alter the course of human history.

downloadCelts and The Mad Goddess is the first book in the Deathless Chronicle series by P.C. Darkcliff. Author Darkcliff studied journalism at Conestoga College and worked as a senior reporter at the Niagara News, Thorold Edition, before heading to Spain to work as a teacher. He was Spillwords Press “Author of the Month” for September 2020 and won an honourable mention for the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award. I was fortunate enough to chat…

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#Extract from Celts and the Mad Goddess: The Deathless Chronicle 1 by P.C. Darkcliff #Historical #Fantasy @P_C_Darkcliff

Today I’m sharing an extract from Celts and the Mad Goddess, courtesy of P.C. Darkcliff. First of all, let’s see what the book is about…

When the raiders chase her into a swamp, Rawena falls into the furry claws of Goddess Pandemia. Despite her murderous instincts, Pandemia lets Rawena live—and turns her into a pawn in a mad game.

Only Garux, a warrior who has rejected Rawena for her younger sister, knows how deadly the game is. With the cards stacked against him, he must defeat the jealous Rawena and the cunning Pandemia… while fighting foreign invaders and traitors within his tribe.

Will Garux and his allies prevent a disaster that could wipe out everyone in Bohemia and perhaps the whole world? Purchase Celts and the Mad Goddess now to find out.

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#Celts and the Mad Goddess: A #Spellbinding #Fantasy Thrill Ride Through Time.

Many thanks to Cynthia for spotlighting me and my latest novel on her beautiful website.



Do you enjoy Fantasy, Celtic culture, Goddesses and Magic?  P.C. Darkcliff’s fantastic Historical Fiction is Sleeping Beauty and Faust all rolled up into one!

A young Celtic woman called RAWENA runs into an army of Germanic invaders. The soldiers pursue her, but she shakes them off and hides in a vast swamp. There she awakens the Goddess PANDEMIA, who has been sleeping for millennia. The meeting shocks Rawena, but Pandemia also wonders: she thought she wiped all humans out with pestilence.

Pandemia plots to destroy humanity to preserve other animal species. She wants Rawena to infect her tribe and spread the plague around the world. When Rawena begs her to spare her, Pandemia gives in… but she orders Rawena to bring another human to the swamp.

Rawena seeks GARUX, a tribesman she loves, hoping that he would catch a Germanic scout and bring him to Pandemia. That’s when she…

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Celts and the Mad Goddess coming soon!

CELTS AND THE MAD GODDESS coming out on October 1!

Greetings from the cliff!

You have the last chance to preorder the book for just 99 cents, as the price goes up to $3.99 soon. Besides, if you message me the preorder receipt, I’ll send you my two debut novels for free. In other words, you get THREE NOVELS FOR LESS THAN A DOLLAR. 😉

Click below to meet Celts and the Mad Goddess.

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Thank you so much for your continuous support! 


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