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The Wrathlord Invasion

Monsters will rise. Kingdoms will fall.

For millennia, the people of Thorstorm have lived in peace, apart from an occasional elven raid or a foray of the Daemorcs. When the humans start to fight each other, though, the elves and Daemorcs become unleashed.

And other creatures eye the realm.

Black blood seals a treacherous pact. Monstrous ships land in the capital. Panic grasps the kingdom.

One day, a prophesied hero might purge the realm. But first, humanity must try to survive the assault.

The Wrathlord Invasion is a novella set in the realm of The Magic Circle. Its events—the Forbidden History—take place 1,000 years before the birth of Baard Thon, the hero of The Wizard’s Blade.

Fans of Robert Jordan and Tamora Pierce will devour this tale of mages, monsters, and epic battles.

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