Celts and the Mad Goddess, chapter five

The Earth’s shadow obscured the moon completely, plunging the world into the dark. The moon turned crimson, like the sun on a hot summer evening, and painted the woods in gory hues. A small, thin cloud rushed over the moon’s angry face, turning red before disappearing into the sky’s blackness.

Garux had seen no signs of Rawena, and when the moon rose high above the eastern woods, he turned back to meet Arvasia and Seneusia by the gate. As he passed the deer trail, he felt tempted to go to the basin to see if Arvasia was still there. Then he realized she could already be home, and he kept walking straight.

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Celts and the Mad Goddess, chapter four

As shadows grew and thickened in the town, Garux, Arvasia, and Seneusia set off to look for Rawena. On their way toward the gate, Garux realized they had never told Seneusia the news. Now it would have to wait until they found his future sister-in-law.

Garux wished he could ask the druidess where to look for Rawena. The druidess lived beyond the pastures, though, and only her acolyte could visit her. In any case, the druidess would have come to tell them if she’d had any more visions of Rawena.

Vitis was already closing the gate for the night.

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